Of the 31 countries in which nuclear power plants operate, only France, Slovakia, Ukraine, Belgium, and Hungary use them as the source for a majority of the country’s electricity supply. Other countries have significant amounts of nuclear power generation capacity.[10] By far the largest nuclear electricity producers are the United States with 805 647 GWh of nuclear electricity in 2017, followed by France with 381 846 GWh.[10] As of December 2017 448 reactors with a net capacity of 391 721 MWe are operational and 59 reactors with net capacity of 60 460 MWe are under construction, of those 18 reactors with 19 016 MWe in China.[11]

(data from Wikipedia)

Nuclear power by country in 2017[10][9][1]
Net-total (MWe)
electricity (GWh)
Share of total
electricity use
Argentina Argentina3116335716.274.5%
Armenia Armenia103752411.3932.5%
Bangladesh Bangladesh01N/AN/AN/A
Belarus Belarus02N/AN/AN/A
Belgium Belgium70591840186.7049.9%
Brazil Brazil21188414854.332.7%
Bulgaria Bulgaria20192614872.2634.3%
Canada Canada1901355495131.2014.6%
China China391934514232796.743.9%
Czech Republic Czech Republic60393026784.6833.1%
Finland Finland41276921573.9733.2%
France France58163130381846.0271.6%
Germany Germany801079972162.8011.6%Phase-out by 2022
Hungary Hungary40188915218.9250.0%
India India226625520004.343.2%
Iran Iran109156366.212.2%
Japan Japan4223975229285.053.6%Most reactors currently stopped
South Korea Korea, Republic of25223070141278.3227.1%
Mexico Mexico20155210571.926.0%
Netherlands Netherlands104823263.182.9%
Pakistan Pakistan5213188108.936.2%
Romania Romania20130010580.1517.6%
Russia Russia35726142190115.1517.8%
Slovakia Slovakia42181414015.8254.0%
Slovenia Slovenia106885967.8339.1%
South Africa South Africa20186015087.296.7%
Spain Spain70712155627.7521.2%
Sweden Sweden90910263062.8939.6%
Switzerland Switzerland50333319590.7033.4%Phase-out planned
Taiwan Taiwan62505221560.479.3%
Turkey Turkey02N/AN/AN/A
Ukraine Ukraine1521310780405.8555.1%
United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates04N/AN/AN/A
United Kingdom United Kingdom150891863886.8319.3%
United States United States99299952805647.3320.0%
World total45159394,054 MWe2,488 TWh