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Introduction - v 1.3 (2 pages)

Conclusion - v 3.2 (3 pages)

Summary - v 1.5 (26 pages)

Final Report - v 2.0 (55 pages)

Political Questions - v 2.1 (1 page)

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Sun seen with telescope from planet Earth, with sunspots visible as dark spots compared to surrounding regions

Unknown to most people except those with an interest in solar science, … Continue Reading

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Close up of solar power panels, in desert.

A tiny village is to become the centre of a 'revolution' in the global … Continue Reading


Whenever someone talks to you about the benefits and costs of a … Continue Reading


The Most Important Global Meeting You've Never Heard of Is … Continue Reading

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What are you doing?

Woman face with leaf texture and green eyes

California is facing a drought so devastating, some publications call … Continue Reading


Satellite photo of Hurricane Katrina over The Gulf of Mexico on August 28, 2005. This NOAA image is in the public domain. GOES-12 4 km infrared imagery.

As Hurricane Ida tore across the U.S. last week, it took out power … Continue Reading

Our mission is to actively engage the public and decision-makers on key global and Canadian issues by encouraging you to share information; to inform and motivate citizens and decision-makers to take action to limit, stabilize and reverse demands on local ecosystems and the global ecosystem.

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