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Battery charge level indicators - illustration

A new glass battery developed by John Goodenough, one of the winners … Continue Reading

CACOR Groups

Electric car lithium battery pack and power connections. Blue toned. — Stock Image & Photo

China has largely cornered the battery manufacturing market, Granholm … Continue Reading


Dreams take effort. They take passion. They take a disregard for … Continue Reading


A flock of birds fly past smokestack chimneys belching black smoke and pollutants in blue evening sky.

The world will heat by more than 1.5C unless nations produce tougher … Continue Reading

CACOR Writers

For one of us (Ian), it is Newcomb’s Wildflower Guide. For the other, … Continue Reading

What are you doing?

Is our Current Population Boom Creating a Population Bust? How can … Continue Reading


High voltage electric pylon and electrical wire with sunset sky.

  What does it mean to be resilient? Although the definition … Continue Reading

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