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Introduction - v 1.3 (2 pages)

Conclusion - v 3.2 (3 pages)

Summary - v 1.5 (26 pages)

Final Report - v 2.0 (55 pages)

Political Questions - v 2.1 (1 page)

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Power transmission line sunset landscape

Desmond Wheatley is President and CEO of Beam Global, an electric … Continue Reading

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A close up shot of a cardboard sign saying capitalism is incompatible with human survival, as environmental activists stage a rally on a city street

by George Monbiot There is a myth about human beings that … Continue Reading


Most people assume that traffic congestion results simply from … Continue Reading


Revealed: the places humanity must not destroy to avoid climate … Continue Reading

CACOR Writers

(Editorial introduction:   David Dougherty, CACOR member, recently … Continue Reading

What are you doing?

TRUST BETRAYED Is People’s Inability to Trust Undermining our Ability … Continue Reading


LONDON, UK - FEBRUARY 15th 2019: Tesla car brand on show at the Classic car show

By Jason Plautz A planned Austin neighborhood is touting itself as … Continue Reading

Our mission is to actively engage the public and decision-makers on key global and Canadian issues by encouraging you to share information; to inform and motivate citizens and decision-makers to take action to limit, stabilize and reverse demands on local ecosystems and the global ecosystem.

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