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Documents submitted to CACOR:

Introduction - v 1.3 (2 pages)

Conclusion - v 3.2 (3 pages)

Summary - v 1.5 (26 pages)

Final Report - v 2.0 (55 pages)

Political Questions - v 2.1 (1 page)

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Climate & Energy News

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Old farmer works and carries baskets on his shoulder in the field of rice on rice terraces

Current agricultural support policies are destroying nature, affecting … Continue Reading


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CACOR Writers

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What are you doing?

DolphinDroneDom 14.5K subscribers The following is my best … Continue Reading


Hands holding clear green meadow with sun battery block, wind mill turbines and city skyscrapers. Concept for ecology, growing business, freshness, freedom and other lifestyle issues. Green fields collection.

During a federal election campaign in which all parties claim they … Continue Reading

Our mission is to actively engage the public and decision-makers on key global and Canadian issues by encouraging you to share information; to inform and motivate citizens and decision-makers to take action to limit, stabilize and reverse demands on local ecosystems and the global ecosystem.

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