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BioPhysical Economics: energy’s role in economic systems: Jessica Lambert 2021-04-07

April 2 @ 21:00 - April 7 @ 16:00

You are invited to a scheduled Canadian Club of Rome Zoom meeting.

Topic: BioPhysical Economics: energy’s role in economic systems

Speaker:  Jessica G. Lambert Time: Apr 7, 2021 13:30 Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Summary: BioPhysical Economics is a system of economic analysis based on the biological and physical characteristics, structures and functions of real economic systems. It relies on energy as well as material resources as its conceptual base and fundamental model for evaluating the structure and function of real economies. BioPhysical Economics recognizes that virtually all wealth in an economic system is predicated on the acquisition of energy that has its origins in nature and the natural resources it provides. It identifies most human activity as methods for increasing (directly or indirectly) the concentration and/or use of these resources with the goal of generating additional energy/wealth.

BioPhysical Economics is uniquely significant in today’s world. It offers a structure and method for modeling the impact of human activity on natural ecosystems, the environmental services that these ecosystems provide, and the depletion of many of our most important resources: petroleum, phosphorus and clean water. BioPhysical Economic models present a more easily understood framework to better explain how economies actually work, in contrast to traditional, complex, mathematical models employed and taught by traditional economists. In my talk I will discuss the principles and history of BioPhysical Economics and its role in our ever changing world.

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Jessica G. Lambert has spent the past decade and half working on energy and climate change. She is President of the International Society for BioPhysical Economics (ISBPE) and Co-Chair and CIO of Next Generation Energy Initiative, Inc. (NGEI). Ms. Lambert and her colleagues are working to find economically, socially and environmentally responsible ways of addressing the future of resources availability. In addition to her work at ISBPE, Ms. Lambert’s research focuses on resource availability trends and their effect on societal well-being. From 2010 to 2012, Ms. Lambert performed and managed National Science Foundation (NSF) funded research on the anthropogenic effects observed in ecosystems affected by the 2010 Gulf Oil Spill for the Paleontological Research Institute in Ithaca, NY. Prior to her appointment at NGEI, Ms. Lambert served as an intern for the White House Council on Environmental Quality’s (CEQ)


April 2 @ 21:00
April 7 @ 16:00
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