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December 04, 2021
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We would like to bring to your attention the legacy YouTube on the Club of Rome Origin

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In case you missed it, do watch Dr. William Rees, as our last speaker in our weekly Zoom series.
CACOR Zoom | Dr. William Rees | On the Virtues of Self-delusion--or maybe not! | 2021-12-01 published (

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CACOR Zoom | Dr. Paul Beckwith | COP26: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. | 2021-12-08

CACOR Zoom | Dr. Paul Beckwith | COP26: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. | 2021-12-08

You are invited you to a scheduled Zoom meeting. Topic: Dr. Paul Beckwith | COP26: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. Time: Dec 8, 2021 13:30 Eastern Time (US and Canada)  Join Zoom Meeting  Meeting ID: 819 1326 8562 Passcode: 754228 Summary: Dr. Beckwith will give a synopsis of his involvement in the recent Conference of the Parties …

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Microgrids Cropping Up in Florida with Utility Partners

Florida is the most hurricane-prone state in the US, vulnerable to an average $15.4 billion in storm damages annually. So it’s perplexing that state government hasn’t made at least as much fanfare about microgrids as places like California and New Jersey. But even if its government isn’t leading the way, microgrids are cropping up in the state. It’s generally more difficult for …

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Long line of solar panels converting the sun's rays into electricity in front of a parking garage.

A difficult ask

A difficult ask
The problem is that politicians tend to focus on the local and the short term, what happens before the next election and of course in their constituency, in their country. And the preparation to combat pandemics has to be done globally. And in the climate context, one is asking people to spend money up front to ameliorate a possible global …

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It Never rains in..............

Atmospheric river ranking system won't be ready for 'some years,' says Environment Canada After initially telling the B.C. government an atmospheric river ranking system would be released by January 2022, Environment Canada is walking those comments back. Stefan Labbé An atmospheric river ranking system Environment Canada scientists said would be ready by January is now expected to be delayed "some …

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It Never rains in..............

The New Geopolitics of Energy

Dreaming about clean earth young woman in eyewear keeping eyes closed while standing outdoors
By Jason Bordoff and Meghan L. O’Sullivan It is not hard to understand why people dream of a future defined by clean energy. As greenhouse gas emissions continue to grow and as extreme weather events become more frequent and harmful, the current efforts to move beyond fossil fuels appear woefully inadequate. Adding to the frustration, the geopolitics of oil and gas …

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Green hydrogen to decarbonize 80% of global shipping

A rapid replacement of fossil fuels with renewable fuels based on green hydrogen and advanced biofuels could enable to cut up to 80% of CO2 emissions attributed to international maritime shipping by mid-century, a new report by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) finds. Renewable fuels should contribute at least 70% of the sector’s energy mix in 2050, IRENA’s A pathway …

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Cargo ship at the port

Grid-Interactive Efficient Buildings Are Easier Than They Sound

Wireframe City with Buildings and Blueprint Design Art
Grid-interactive efficient buildings are a big deal with an equally big name. GEBs, for short, were one of the focal areas in a slate of new building-focused programs announced by the Biden administration earlier this year. Those announcements coincided with the release of a US Department of Energy (DOE) report that sketched out the potential benefits of GEB technologies, which could save more …

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It’s true: Lofty rhetoric doesn’t cut greenhouse gas emissions.

Letter to the Editor published in the Globe and Mail, 2021 November 29 Canada's Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development was correct: the time for talk, I add uninformed talk, is indeed over.  However, after the talk is over, our parliament needs to understand fully the issue and find solutions that would actually work in practice.  Andrew Coyne recently …

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It’s true: Lofty rhetoric doesn’t cut greenhouse gas emissions.

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