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The road ahead is uncertain, not smooth or straight, has limited visibility, but there is hope.

CACOR is a non-governmental organization
dedicated to intelligent debate and action on global issues.

Climate & Energy News

Iceland drills 4.7 km down into volcano to tap clean energy

It's named after a Nordic god and drills deep into the heart of a … Continue Reading

CACOR Groups

The Cynefin Framework

This is a short Nine Minute video where Dave Snowden describes the … Continue Reading


Ibn al-Haytham, Physicist, Mathematician, Philosopher

The duty of man who investigates the writings of scientists, if … Continue Reading


Worlds Most Congested “Natural” Site

How Many Tourists Does it Take To Change Nature? By Ted Manning May … Continue Reading

CACOR Writers

Foresight:  WELU – The Future is Coming

Authors:  Peter Meincke and David Harries 28 March 2017 West End … Continue Reading

What are you doing?

Against Doom, A Climate Insurgency Manual – Book Review

Against Doom, A Climate Insurgency Manual offers a new way of … Continue Reading


Biting the Biggest Apple: New York’s New Plan To Reward Distributed Energy Resources

How do we compensate those who add clean electricity to our shared … Continue Reading

Our mission is to actively engage the public and decision-makers on key global and Canadian issues by encouraging you to share information; to inform and motivate citizens and decision-makers to take action to limit, stabilize and reverse demands on local ecosystems and the global ecosystem.

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